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SAP ERP is an enterprise suite formerly known as R/3 ERP. It is comprised of Financial, HCM, and Operations components. The financial component includes accounting, reporting, risk management, and profitability analysis for a global scale. The Human Capital Management features include core HR, as well as time management, payroll, and regulation. create background job in sap and send emailaccess full course content from affordable pricing. 1. Activate Split valuation for a material. (Add Valuation Category in material master) Material Master create - MM01. NOTE: It is only possble to change a material (valuation category) if no stock and PO were created. So it is not something that get changed at will. It needs to be decided on creation of material. 2. SAP Business One enables you to decide whether to “block documents with earlier posting date,” and whether to “allow future posting date.”. Go to Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings, choose General tab and click “block documents with earlier posting date” or “allow future posting date” as needed.
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